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The wind is blowing
Aimed at the edge of the sky
Passing freely through
Similar to an eagle

This is a fansite for the character Navarre from the Fire Emblem series!

Hello! I'm El, and I'm probably the #1 American Navarre fan (I willingly cede my title as the #1 Navarre fan overall to Mr. Sakurai, of course). Eventually, my goal is to have this site be a complete collection of all official media featuring Navarre, all of his in-game assets, all of his dialogue, his stats, and a good bit of trivia~

A lot of the things you'll find here were scanned/documented by me. Anything that I found online (Such as asset rips, translations, ect.) will have credits on the "Credits & Links" page, as well as a link back to where I found them.

Disclaimer: Any translations listed as "Rough Translation" were done by me, and very likely feature mistakes. I do know a bit of Japanese, but I'm far from fluent and have to rely partially on Google Translate.


These are items I've been wanting to add to my collection, but haven't been able to get my hands on yet.

Please contact me at spiritgriffon@gmail.com if you're willing to rip one of these!

Navarre Trophy Model from TMS#FE
Navarre's Models from Fire Emblem Warriors for the New 3DS
The Killing Edge Model from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
Missing Shadow Dragon Sprites
(Enemy Myrmidon, Ally Myrmidon and Swordmaster with brown hair)

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