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100 Songs of Heroes Karuta Set

This set of uta-garuta playing cards, featuring 100 characters from the Fire Emblem series, was printed for the series' 25th anniversary. Each character has an original poem, and the set included a CD with a narrated reading of all 100 poems by Anna’s JPN voice actor, Saori Seto. A second CD, the Hero Hyakuka Append Disc Set, is also a reading of all 100 poems, but by Takehito Koyasu.

The booklets for each CD have all 100 poems in a numbered list, as well as a short bit of dialogue from the character, talking about the poem.

Navarre’s poem is number 7;


Ichi-jin no kazefukite mukeba kissaki no sora o sugi yuku washi nogotoku ni

Translated roughly, it reads:

The wind is blowing
Aimed at the edge of the sky
Passing freely through
Similar to an eagle

Fire Emblem Dawn/Purple Storm (ファイアーエムブレム 黎明編/紫嵐編) Drama CD

A two-disk audio drama based on the first volume of the 5-volume manga adaptation of Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light by Masaki Sano and Kyo Watanabe, published in 1996.
Disc 1, “Dawn,” mainly covers the first half of the volume, with the fall of Altea and Marth’s flight to Talys. The final track is an original story written by Masaki Sano and Kyo Watanabe.

(Rough Translation)

Transcript under readmore. Fighter: Augh, I surrender!

(Crowd cheers)

Navarre: It doesn’t seem like there are many swordsmen here.

Marth: Still, the arena is crowded in every town. Right, Ogma?

Ogma: It’s a good place to make money.

Navarre: Will you participate?

Ogma: Huh?

Navarre: Will Ogma enter the tournament with me?

Ogma: Eh?

Marth: Nobody here knows who we are yet. Knock it off!

Navarre: I want to cross swords with Ogma.

Ogma: You’re so selfish.

Navarre: It’s a good opportunity to settle which of us is stronger, Ogma.

Marth: Navarre…

Ogma: Good grief…

Marth: Ok. Navarre really wants this, so I give you permission.

Ogma: M-Marth!

Navarre: The prince has given his permission, Ogma. Now there’s nothing to worry about.

Ogma: (Big sigh) I guess it can’t be helped.

Navarre: Today is finally the day… Don’t lose until you reach me.

Ogma: Why, you little…!

Marth: But, both of you, please be careful...

Ogma: It’s fine, Marth. We won’t kill each other.

Marth: Alright…

Ogma: Well then, let’s register for the prize, Navarre.

Navarre: Yes.

(The two walk off)

Man: Navarre… that’s the name of the Soothsire’s bouncer! So he’s in this tournament…!


Announcer: With this, entry is closed!

Ogma: I’m up first.

Navarre: It won’t be a real challenge yet.

Marth: Be careful, Ogma!

(Fighting noises. Ogma disarms his opponent)

Fighter: I-I surrender!

Ogma: If you enter with that level of skill, you’ll get hurt…

Announcer: Winner- Ogma!

Marth: Yeah!!!

Navarre: Of course.

Ogma: Hey, guys.

Navarre: Was it harder than you expected, Ogma?

Ogma: I didn’t even break a sweat.

Marth: This time, it’s Navarre’s turn. Be careful.

Navarre: Unless the opponent is riding a bear and I go in blindfolded, I won’t lose before I get to Ogma.

Ogma: In that case, you’ll get to the finals pretty quickly.

Navarre: Wait for me.


Man: You’re the Soothsire’s bouncer, Navarre, right!?!

Navarre: Who are you?

Man: I’ve been searching everywhere for the Soothsire’s bouncer, Navarre. My older brother Thomas, was killed by you, right in front of me!

Navarre: Thomas’ little brother?

Man: Here I come!

(Knife sound)

Marth: Ogma, that’s a real knife!

Ogma: Ah!

Man: This is for my brother! Hah!

Marth: Ogma, we need to do something!

Ogma: Even if he has a real knife, he’s no match for Navarre.

Marth: But..!


Ogma: What is he thinking? There’s something on his mind…


Navarre: I knew that killing the Soothsires would come back to get me eventually…

Man: Augh!


Navarre: Your brother would be proud of how strong you are. Look.

Man: Ngh…

Marth: Navarre? Are you all right?

Navarre: Don’t worry, prince.

Ogma: Hey, you-

Navarre: It’s none of your business.

(Walks away)

Ogma: Navarre!


Punk Man 1: Hey!

Marth: What is it?

Punk Man 1: That Navarre guy. How much did you pay for him? ??? (I can't make this part out, sorry!)

Marth: Shut up!

Punk Man 2: They’re friends. We should kill both of them.

Marth: Eh?


Announcer: Winner- Ogma! Winner- Navarre! Winner- Ogma! Winner- Navarre! Winner- Ogma! Winner- Navarre!

Ogma: It’s down to you and I after all, eh, Navarre?

Navarre: I knew it would be.

Ogma: I could just surrender, you know.

Navarre: We’re going to settle this in front of a crowd. Your opportunity to do that has passed.

Marth: Promise me.

Both: Hm?

Marth: No matter who wins, you won’t envy the other.

Navarre: Yes.

Ogma: (Laughs) Of course! Heh, I’m getting worked up over here, Navarre!

Navarre: (Laughs)

Announcer: Well then, for the finals!


Announcer: On one side, Ogma! And on the other, Navarre!

Navarre: It’s a pity we’re not fighting with real swords.

Ogma: You really are selfish about this.

Announcer: Go!


Marth: With those two, and the crowd… this isn’t a real battle. But even so, they both look so excited to cross swords!

Ogma: (Gasps) What’s wrong? Has the blade of the one that was once called the Shinigami become dull, Navarre?

Navarre: (Growls) Why, you…! And you, are you still the captain of Talys’ guard at heart?!

Man: This is for my brother!

(Stabs- Ogma pushes Navarre out of the way)

Navarre: Ah! Ogma! That arrow was aimed at me!

Ogma: (Pained) Was I… in time..?

Marth: Ogma! Are you all right?!?

Ogma: It’s just one more wound on this old body.

Marth: Ngh! You’re not allowed to die, Ogma!

Punk Man: The arena belongs to us now! Get ‘em, boys!

Navarre: (Growls) You bastards…

(Crowd screams and flees. Fighting, then an arrow)

Punk: Huh? Am I dreamin’?

Navarre: You..! Look!

Little Brother: He’s mine!

Navarre: Do you really hate me so much?

Little Brother: Of course!

Navarre: Then show me your sword! Your brother fought openly with me. He didn’t try to shoot me with an arrow from behind like a coward.

Little Brother: Sh-shut up!


Marth: Navarre!

(Marth defeats the bandit’s leader, and they run away.)

(Navarre knocks the little brother down)

Little Brother: Ngh!

Navarre: Your brother must be so sad, watching you right now…

Little Brother: (Sniffles)

Navarre: If you want to honor your brother, then train until you can become a swordsman that can defeat me.

Little Brother: (Sobs)

Navarre: I’ll wait for you. Then we’ll settle this.

Little Brother: (Continues crying)


Ogma: What happened to the prize money, Navarre?

Navarre: I gave it to him. So he could afford to get training.

Ogma: You’re looking forward to him becoming a strong swordsman someday.

Navarre: Yes. By the way, prince. I’m sorry I gave away what was originally to be for military funds.

Marth: I think it went to a good cause.

Ogma: You’re sure he’ll be our strong ally someday.

Marth: That’s right.


Marth: What’s wrong, Navarre? You look so sad.

Navarre: I lost my opportunity to settle the score with Ogma.

Ogma: Hey, hey, give it a rest! I’m sorry, but we’re nakama. We can’t fight.

Marth: True, but you two get so excited when you fight. We should hold our own tournament from time to time! (Laughs)

Both: Prince Marth!

(Marth and Ogma laugh)


Disc 2, “Purple Storm,” covers the end of the first volume, which is dedicated entirely to the “Devil Mountain/Brush in the Teeth” chapter. The bonus track at the end is an original story about Marth and Merric, and does not feature Navarre.

Track 1

Track 2

Track 3

Track 4

Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light (Drama CD)

A radio drama based on the 12 volume manga adaption of the first game, by Maki Hakoda. It was published in four volumes between November 1994 and September 1998, and Navarre appears in the first three. This was the first time Takehito Koyasu was cast in the role of Navarre.

Volume 1 - Track 2 - Devil Mountain

Volume 1 - Track 3 - New Companions

Volume 1 - Track 4 - Mage Merric

Volume 1 - Track 5 - To the Promised Land

Volume 2 - Track 4 - Emissary from the Sky

Volume 2 - Track 5 - Union

Volume 2 - Track 7 - Invasion

Volume 2 - Track 8 - Emblem of Fire

Volume 3 - Track 1 - Prologue

Volume 3 - Track 5 - The Approaching Darkness

Volume 3 - Track 6 - Soreze Fortress

Volume 3 - Track 8 - Crimson Dragoon

Dengeki CD Bunko Best Game Selection 7 - Fire Emblem: Departure Chapter

The first drama CD, published in January 1994. This was the first time Navarre was voiced, played here by Kiyoyuki Yanada. This is one of only two times he is voiced by an actor other than Takehito Koyasu, who would be cast later that year. This story covers the beginning of the game, and then diverges into an original story. It references both the Masaki Sano and Kyo Watanabe manga, such as Caeda’s pegasus’ name being El Kite, as well as the Maki Hakoda manga- specifically the chapters regarding Navarre’s childhood (on tracks 13 & 14).
(Note: I think he's on Track 9 and I think he might be on Tracks 16, 17 18, & 20, but I'm genuinely not 100% sure. I have a lot of trouble telling some of the male characters apart on this CD...)

Track 8

Track 9

Track 11

Track 12

Track 13

Track 14

Track 15

Track 16

Track 17

Track 18

Track 20

Fire Emblem Heroes

2017 would mark the point where Navarre obtained his current English voice actor, Taliesin Axelrod Armstrong Jaffe, credited as T. Axelrod, for Fire Emblem Heroes. He currently has one seasonal version (Navarre: Scarlet Ninja) in addition to his base version (Navarre: Scarlet Sword).

Navarre: Scarlet Sword (ENG)

Navarre: Scarlet Sword (JPN)

Attack 1 Attack 1
Attack 2 Attack 2
Damaged 1 Damaged 1
Damaged 2 Damaged 2
Defeat Defeat
Map 1 Map 1
Map 2 Map 2
Map 3 Map 3
Skill 1 Skill 1
Skill 2 Skill 2
Skill 3 Skill 3
Skill 4 Skill 4
Status 1 Status 1
Status 2 Status 2
Status 3 Status 3
Status 4 Status 4
Status 5 Status 5
Status 6 Status 6
Status 7 Status 7
Status 8 Status 8

Navarre: Scarlet Ninja (ENG)

Navarre: Scarlet Ninja (JPN)

Attack 1 Attack 1
Attack 2 Attack 2
Damaged 1 Damaged 1
Damaged 2 Damaged 2
Defeat Defeat
Map 1 Map 1
Map 2 Map 2
Map 3 Map 3
Skill 1 Skill 1
Skill 2 Skill 2
Skill 3 Skill 3
Skill 4 Skill 4
Status 1 Status 1
Status 2 Status 2
Status 3 Status 3
Status 4 Status 4
Status 5 Status 5
Status 6 Status 6
Status 7 Status 7
Status 8 Status 8

Fire Emblem Warriors

Released in 2017, Navarre was originally planned to appear as a playable character, but due to IS pushing Tecmo Koei to include characters that ranked higher in popularity polls, his moveset was given to Lyn in the base game, and he was included only as an NPC. However, he was added later in the 2018 Shadow Dragon DLC pack, along with Linde and Minerva, as both a playable character and a system voice.

English Japanese
Attack 1 Attack 1
Attack 2 Attack 2
Attack 3 Attack 3
Attack 4 Attack 4
Attack 5 Attack 5
Attack 6 Attack 6
Attack 7 Attack 7
Attack 8 Attack 8
Attack 9 Attack 9
Attack 10 Attack 10
Attack 11 Attack 11
Attack 12 Attack 12
Attack 13 Attack 13
Attack 14 Attack 14
Attack 15 Attack 15
Attack 16 Attack 16
Attack 17 Attack 17
Attack 18 Attack 18
Attack 19 Attack 19
Attack 20 Attack 20
Battle Line 1 Battle Line 1
Battle Line 2 Battle Line 2
Battle Line 3 Battle Line 3
Battle Line 4 Battle Line 4
Battle Line 5 Battle Line 5
Dodge 1 Dodge 1
Dodge 2 Dodge 2
Damaged 1 Damaged 1
Damaged 2 Damaged 2
Damaged 3 Damaged 3
Damaged 4 Damaged 4
Damaged 5 Damaged 5
Damaged 6 Damaged 6
Defeat Defeat
Special 1 Special 1
Special 2 Special 2
Thanks 1 Thanks 1
Thanks 2 Thanks 2
Attack 39 Attack 39
Attack 40 Attack 40
Attack 41 Attack 41
Attack 42 Attack 42
Attack 43 Attack 43
Attack 44 Attack 44
Attack 45 Attack 45
Attack 46 Attack 46
Attack 47 Attack 47
Attack 48 Attack 48
Attack 49 Attack 49
Attack 50 Attack 50
Attack 51 Attack 51
Attack 52 Attack 52

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