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Credits and Links

Be sure to check out my Archive.org page, where I'm slowly wroking on scanning and uploading all my Fire Emblem books! And if you want to know more about me, check out my Carrd!

The banner was made by the AMAZING Grimace Nonsense, be sure to check out their Neocities and Carrd!

(They're also the reason 98% of this site functions, lol)

Many site assets were graverobbed from the old Fire Emblem website and the old Fire Emblem World Museum.

Serenes Forest was used as a main scource, particularly these pages: [1} [2} [3} [4} [5} [6} [7} [8} [9}

...as well as the FE NIWA Wiki and the FE Fandom Wiki.

Most info on the old Fire Emblem TCG, and any scans that aren't mine were found here at Aquantis’ Dragon and Anime Homepage

Fire Emblem Wars of Dragons was a huge help in tracking down the last few pictures in my "Wait where are YOU from?!?" folder!

VG Resource is where most of the game assets came from, notably these two threads.

I'll be going back and adding direct links once I get the site more put together.

A few assets were also found at FE Planet and on this r/FEH post

And finally, some interesting videos I found after they were reuploaded on the YouTube channel "Cabbusses", most of which I managed to track down the original scource.

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